Cross-Platform Image Fusion

Change detection and motion detection is theoretically possible using image fusion—imagery of a common area from multiple sensor platforms, however perspective differences represent a significant obstacle both to human and machine correlation, particularly in the case of side oblique imagery. Orthorectification provides a common perspective and thus a practical first step for follow-on correlation algorithms.

Real Time Precision Location

Airborne sensors provide a valuable source of imagery by virtue of the location of the deployed platform. However, obtaining precise and rapid information from such imagery has been difficult due to the enormous amount of post processing required by existing software and hardware to extract the geo-location for targets of interest. Commercially available software packages running on high-level computer systems generally take several minutes and typically hours of human intervention to provide credible target location.

This paper describes a method of locating every pixel and every target of interest in an image to within a few meters as the images are acquired and some of the additional benefits that would result from such processing on low cost PC computers and in real or near real time.

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